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John Waring, Glendora: Facts on deep-sea fishing

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John Waring Glendora Shares Facts on Deep Sea Fishing

An experienced sales and customer-service professional, Jonathan Waring Glendora enjoys taking a break from work to go deep sea fishing off the coast of Mexico. Mr. Glendora presents these frequently asked questions to introduce the sport.

What makes deep sea fishing different from traditional fishing?
For a fishing trip to be considered deep sea fishing, the boat must be far enough out in the water to not easily be seen from shore. The fish must be caught in water at or near 100 hundred feet deep, and special heavy-duty equipment is used.

What kind of equipment do you need to go deep sea fishing?
Deep sea fishers use rods and reels, just like regular fishing. Deep sea fishing gear, however, is significantly more sturdy. Equipment parts that go into the water must be corrosion-resistant as well in order to avoid saltwater damage.

What are the risks of deep sea fishing?
Deep sea fishing involves the same risks as any other extended boat trip. Weather conditions can change quickly on the water, so deep sea fishing boats must be sturdily constructed and carry water-safety equipment, including life jackets, radios and flares. All passengers on the boat must be familiar with emergency procedures and understand the proper use of equipment.

There is much more to be learned about deep sea fishing. Preparation is key, but there are many rewards that come with this adventurous hobby, says Jonathan Waring Glendora.