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“City of Glendora Adopt-a-Park Program,” by John Waring

The Community Services Department of the City of Glendora coordinates the Adopt-a-Park Program, dedicated to preserving the beauty and cleanliness of the area’s local parks. Through a combination of volunteer services, sponsorship, and private and corporate donations, the Adopt a Park program facilitates community investment in the maintenance of these important local resources.

Participants in the Adopt-a-Park program may choose to donate money, utilities, and amenities such as trash receptacles or public bathroom supplies. Some supporters choose to sponsor major projects, including renovation, restoration, fencing construction, supply of new playground equipment, or the construction of new sports fields and courts. Alternatively, members of the community may prefer to donate time and services, by cleaning, painting, gardening, or removing graffiti. Interested parties may submit applications or donation forms directly to the Community Services Department in Glendora.

About the author: Dedicated to improving the quality of life in the community of Glendora, California, John Waring donates time and financial assistance to a number of local charities. An experienced futures trader, Waring commits to the maintenance of local parks by supporting the City of Glendora’s Adopt-a-Park program


John Waring: Glendora, California, Adopt-A-Park Program

A proud and community-oriented citizen of Glendora, California, John Waring enjoys supporting local and regional initiatives, including area chapters of the Surfrider Foundation and the American Red Cross. In the future, John Waring hopes to work with the Glendora Adopt-A-Park initiative.

The Adopt-A-Park program offers private citizens and local organizations the opportunities to clean and preserve city-owned neighborhood parks and facilities. The program focuses on education as much as it does on park preservation and maintenance by showing citizens the amount of time and energy that goes into up-keeping publicly owned parks and athletic structures.

To adopt a park, a group leader or individual first fills out the necessary paperwork (available online or at the city offices). All members of a group must sign a volunteer waiver agreement; minors need a parent or guardian signature to participate. City staff then approves or declines the adoption. If approved, the adopting group or individual must undergo city-led training and must agree to follow certain safety guidelines, as well as park and facility rules and regulations. Volunteers may perform any number of tasks in the week-to-week maintenance of their adopted park, including litter collection, graffiti removal, planting, and painting.